August 11th, 2012


It’s been 9 months since I updated this site –  long enough to grow an entire human being! When I first set up Project Toddler, my daughter had just turned one and her baby brother was still swimming away in my belly. Now Maya is nearly 2 and Kiran, born at the end of January 2012,  is already 6 months. My time of having two children under 2 is almost at an end.

I stopped writing here partly because I was finding it difficult to work at my computer as my pregnancy progressed but mostly, to be honest, that I lost interest in the site. I had a great vision for Project Toddler but once i started writing posts I somehow lost that vision and it became more of a chore than something to keep me inspired in this journey of raising two little people.

Now that the terrible twos are fast approaching, I feel like I’ve seen it all (though of course I haven’t) – the tantrums, sleep regression, refusing to go in the bath, scribbling on the walls with crayon, toilet training, learning to talk, leaving her alone for the first night while I was in the hospital having her brother, introducing a new sibling, caring for a newborn and a toddler at the same time, rocking a baby to sleep in the bouncy chair with my foot while singing and cuddling toddler to sleep in my arms, trying to stop toddler from killing baby, biting, screaming, laughing, finally starting to play together.

Finding time to work on my own projects has been a struggle while also taking care of two small children and doing paid work but now I also have my own office, both children have a fairly predictable sleep pattern, Maya is going to start nursery for a few hours each day soon and I have got used to staying up late working without falling asleep at the computer.

I want to bring this site back to the vision I originally intended for it and so i will be starting again with a new design and a fresh approach to posts. I will leave what’s there as it may come in useful for somebody but going forward I’m going to be writing more about what interests me – early childhood learning environments, fun and educational activities, inspiring design for kids and parenting philosophies.

Looking forward to many days ahead of sticky hands and crayon-scribbled walls!

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